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Baby Trump

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Spygate —  NOT!

Well, that was an entire waste of time and mental energy. Trump's latest strategy is to gaslight both Congress and the media into thinking he's up to something, and when nothing materializes, we are just supposed to move on. I know lying to the American public is not uncommon in the presidency, but should we treat Trump like the child he is and just ignore his statements, since proving them false all the time seems to have no affect on his supporters?


Baby Trump

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Baby Trump Tantrum

Seriously, "I want, I want, I want...". Any parent walking through a toy store has had to deal with it. While the authoritarian aspect of Trump's personality have been well documented —  and this only adds to his admiration for strongman dictators —  my take is that he literally saw a parade and wanted one, a bigger one for himself. Now, it has been reported that he was inspired by the French military parade, but come-on, you know he's thinking about the massive spectacle of the North Korean show of force that happens regularly. THAT is what Trump wants. I couldn't help but add some he-man mercenaries cavorting with Barbie dolls, because you can't separate Trump's delusions of granduer from his attitude towards women.


NFL Take a Knee

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Take a Knee before you hurt yourself...

With all the news lately — both bad and horrible (we don’t have good news anymore, notice that?) — I have been unable and unwilling to try and process it all into a single comic image. Trump’s daily Armageddon march has me on such overload, that to try and distill it down in one image is near impossible, and I wind up having to drink more than I would like. So I find it strange that I chose this topic to comment on, especially since I don’t much care for sports. However, because it is indirectly related to Trump and it fits well within social justice and free speech, I found it easier to approach without having to get drunk while thinking about it.

Trump has become masterful at reframing a debate/position by completely making up a reason for something while totally ignoring the facts and history of the situation. So, instead of football players protesting systemic police brutality and racism, Trump frames it as hating our flag, anthem and our troops. His supporters, and those who were so inclined to hate the protests to begin with, immediately lined up to agree with his assessment. And so it is in today’s modern politic: facts on the ground have no bearing on a given situation. Historical records do not factor in because history is whatever the Alt-Right says it is. Not worth arguing over. Better to call them out and shut it down.




2016 NYAACF Poster

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Once again the New York Arab American Comedy Festival approaches, and this year the great minds behind the festival thought it would be good to parody the HBO series Game of Thrones. Now, I know many people who watch it but as I do not subscribe to pay channels, I have never seen a full episode. Nevertheless, I know enough and have seen enough to tackle this project. I thought it would be funny to have the “throne” made up of all sorts of microphones and stand-up props like rubber chickens, but the resulting image got too far away from the original. So I stuck to the real throne of swords, and made sure that the camels looked cute and funny, because there is a real danger in showing a camel breathing fire and brandishing a sword…

Anyhow, if you are a fan of the show I hope you enjoy the image, and again, if you are in the NY area, go check out these very funny, very non-threatening Arabs.


I recently designed the logo for Attorney Seema Iyer's new podcast and Twitter feed, "The Bollywood Lawyer". If you are a fan of legal issues that are dealt with in a smart and witty way, check out Seema's podcasts, you might just learn something! Follow her at @seemaiyeresq


What is Graphix4change?

Let’s start with what it is NOT:
• Graphix4change is not a militant organization.
•  It is not a corporate entity, nor is it a non-profit organization. 
•  It is not even a grass-roots web movement.

It is simply the personal of an opinionated graphic designer and design instructor… me. It is my soapbox to rant, my wallboard to post signs on, my website connection to the great experiment called Democracy in America and to a larger extent the experiment of a democratic World Wide Web.

I have never sold advertising on the site, nor is the work funded by anyone other than myself. From time to time I get hired to create works for others (campaign literature, posters, etc.), or even sell images I’ve created privately, but in general I have used the site to post my personal work and made it available worldwide, for free.

Why would I do this? Not because I’m independently wealthy, but as a designer, most of the work I do is for hire for someone else’s message or product, and I wanted a venue to express my own political views that no one seemed to want to pay me for. And since political art only seems to ever find an audience in the art world every four years or so, posting images on-line allows for a 24/7/365 virtual exhibit without needing a physical venue.

I have the great fortune of having viewers, fans and detractors from countries all over the world, something I never could have achieved through my client work alone or by exhibiting solely in Chelsea.

So if you’ve made it through this far, thank you for taking the time to visit my little self-important site. Feel free to download images, contact me with comments and suggestions. And if you are looking to hire a smart-assed designer for your progressive cause, I’d be happy to be paid for what I do.

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