What is Graphix4change?

Let’s start with what it is NOT:
• Graphix4change is not a militant organization.
•  It is not a corporate entity, nor is it a non-profit organization. 
•  It is not even a grass-roots web movement.

It is simply the personal website of an opinionated graphic designer and design instructor… me. It is my soapbox to rant, my wallboard to post signs on, my connection to the great experiment called Democracy in America and to a larger extent the experiment of a democratic World Wide Web.

I have never sold advertising on the site, nor is the work funded by anyone other than myself. From time to time I get hired to create works for others (campaign literature, posters, etc.), or even sell images I’ve created privately, but in general I have used the site to post my personal work and made it available worldwide, for free.

Why would I do this? Not because I’m independently wealthy, but as a designer, most of the work I do is for hire for someone else’s message or product, and I wanted a venue to express my own political views that no one seemed to want to pay me for. And since political art only seems to ever find an audience in the art world every four years or so, posting images on-line allows for a 24/7/365 virtual exhibit without needing a physical venue.

I have the great fortune of having viewers, fans and detractors from countries all over the world, something I never could have achieved through my client work alone or by exhibiting solely in Chelsea.

So if you’ve made it through this far, thank you for taking the time to visit my little self-important site. Feel free to download images, contact me with comments and suggestions. And if you are looking to hire a smart-assed designer for your progressive cause, I’d be happy to be paid for what I do.

Creator of www.graphix4change.com


Hobby Lobby

(click image to enlarge)

It seems I need to alter the title of my running strip "the Teabagg'rs", as the actions commented on are not directly from the Tea Party (although the motive is similar), but regarding the ruling of the Supreme Court, I wouldn't call Justice Alito and Scalia "Teabaggers", but more of the general "douchbag" variety.


Cheney Pot
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So I've been working on some new cartoons, but everything has been in sketch form (too busy with work that actually pays me, unlike these rants), so nothing has been uploaded. However, after this outburst from former VP Cheney, I managed to bypass the sketch stage and draw striaght onto the tablet to get this out in an hour! It was such an outrageous comment, that even FOX news called BS on the Iraq War Architect.

So anyway, keep watching this spot, I'll have some new images uploaded in the next few weeks.